After a few months of Dan's leadership and a few years of prayer, the church is taking shape and beginning to draw in new people from the community.

  • There are dozens of people on the outskirts of our community that people know through work, in their neighborhoods, and at their schools. Pray for the many relationships that are ready to move deeper and talk about the truth of the gospel. Pray for the people who are hearing the gospel for the first time, or just beginning to understand what they thought they already knew.
  • We are praying the Lord would open doors to a new facility where our congregation could meet on Sunday morning instead of Sunday evening. The 5pm start is especially tough on families with small children.
  • Several women in our church are expecting. Pray for healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries. Pray the children would know Jesus.
  • Economic downturn has led to some big cutbacks in government jobs in Massachusetts. Pray for people who are being laid off and whose jobs are being relocated outside of the city to cut costs.
  • Community groups have been meeting for almost two months, and several new people from the area are attending those groups
  • Each day we have new opportunities to meet people and show them the love of Christ
  • The difficult economy has erased the false sense of security that many had in their well being, and opened doors to share about the only true source of security.
  • We have had several new faces in the church on Sundays, and even more in the homes and lives of our core group members.

Growing Pains

Our church launch went very well last month, and the service is starting to reflect the needs of the city the Lord has called us to reach.

  • Pray for our Core group as we struggle through some growing pains. As our service changes pray we could be content with a little uneasiness as we add new elements to our service and remove things that are less culturally relevant.
  • Our community groups are going through the Gospel and Heart study and praying daily the Lord will open doors for loving our neighbors. Pray that new relationships would form across the city and people would come to know Jesus as their savior.
  • Pray for our us all to act on our burden for our neighbors by praying passionately for them, loving them with the love of Christ, and sharing the complete message of the gospel.
  • Pray for our church to grow through non-believers coming to faith and not through transfers from other churches in the area.

Thank you all for your patience during a time of transition when our updates have not been updated regularly. You can expect to not be left in the dark wondering how you can intercede for this local body of Christ at CTK-Dorchester as we seek to be transformed by the gospel so that we may be authentic witnesses for Jesus Christ as the Father builds his kingdom here by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Future updates, including this one, will not disclose the names of certain people, but the Lord knows who they are. Please pray!


  • Dan Rogers is adjusting to his role as pastor/shepherd and church planter/missionary
  • The church plant kick-off date has been set for September 14th, and training/equipping has begun for the core group
  • Anne's health has improved, and she has returned to work part-time
  • The Lord is bringing new people to our church; several of these, who I will not name, are extremely broken by addictions and dysfunctional families/relationships (aren't we all!), and they are looking for Jesus - praise be to God who reconciles all people to himself and redeems the broken places
  • A new believer and new attender to our church. He has come the past 2 weeks, and he attended our weekly prayer meeting this morning!

  • For God's kingdom to come in Dorchester, Boston, and the New England area - the kingdom vision for CTK Dorchester is seen in Jeremiah 29 as we seek to live in our community (build houses, plant gardens and eat, marry and have children, to increase in this place) and seek the shalom of this city. This vision is also seen in Revelation 7 - where we catch a glimpse of the heavenly reality of a "great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the Lamb ... and crying out with a loud voice, 'Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!'" Through our church, we seek to see this kingdom vision become a reality by loving God with all our heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and loving our neighbors with the love the Father gives us.
  • Pray against the schemes of the devil - that this community would be liberated by coming to a true knowledge and understanding of the gospel - by entering into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and Christ asserting his kingship and dominion here. [Ephesians 6 - stand firm] This should result in peace and justice in the city, provision for the poor and widow, decrease in violence and crime, etc.
  • Pray for broken spirits and contrite hearts, for widespread repentance both within and outside of the church as the gospel is proclaimed.
  • Pray for conversion and transformation that is rooted deeply in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the church planting efforts of Christ the King - that we would faithfully partner with the Holy Spirit in what he is doing here [missio Dei - God's mission]. "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain" (Psalm 127:1).
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment as Pastor Dan implements systems to train and equip our core group for spiritual growth, evangelism and discipleship leading up to our kick-off date on September 14th.

  • THE SONDEREGGER'S - Paul and Megan with the 3 kids Max, Winsome, and Malachi
This is the family who started CTK Dorchester in their home. Malachi's adenoid glands and tonsils are enlarged, causing sleep apnea and abnormal drainage. He had surgery to remove these glands and had tubes put in his ears. The past few months have been difficult for the family. Please pray for a successful recovery from the surgery and that the Lord would heal Malachi's body and restore him to health. Pray for the Lord to sustain Paul and Megan during this time of trial, that they would come to Jesus and be met by our great high priest who in every way is able to sympathize with their weaknesses, who has been tempted in every way, yet is without sin. Pray for them to come to a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus as they seek to love their kids. [Pic to right is Malachi]

  • THOSE STRUGGLING WITH ADDICTIONS to both illegal drugs, prescription pain medications and alcohol - we currently have a handful of people the Father has brought into the church and who have begun to seek Jesus and are hearing the gospel.
  • Pray for their hearts to be opened to the truth of the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray they would see their need for Jesus as the ONLY one who satisfies and fulfills our longing souls.
  • Pray that the enemy's schemes would be thwarted, and each of these would come to know the freedom they have in Jesus to die to the flesh, be raised with Christ, and begin living the eternal heavenly reality here and now on earth.
  • Pray we would love them as God loves us, extending mercy and grace as we proclaim and live out the truth of the gospel.

  • FOR A WOMAN WHO HAS BEEN ATTENDING FOR MANY MONTHS AND JOINED THE CHURCH AT THE END OF 2007 - that the Father would continue to open her heart to himself, that she may seek him with her whole heart.
  • Pray for financial provision since she can only work 10-15 hours/week due to her physical condition
  • Pray for openness to other jobs; wisdom and discernment as she searches.
  • Pray for continued physical healing to accompany her spiritual and emotional healing.

  • FOR A NEW BELIEVER, HIS WIFE & THEIR KIDS - a family from east Boston whom the Lord has brought to the church. The husband and dad is a new believer and is currently unemployed, which is causing financial stress on their marriage and family.
  • Pray for him that the Lord would continue to write the gospel on his heart, that he would have faith in God to provide, and he would desire to grow closer to his heavenly Father.
  • Pray for the Lord to provide a job for him.
  • Pray for protection from the enemy and temptation.
  • Pray for their marriage to be redeemed and for their kids to grow up knowing the Lord.

  • FOR THE KECK'S - Logan and Melissa are raising financial support to enable them to serve the Lord in full-time ministry in urban ministry at CTK-Dorchester. They have recently returned from a vision-casting and support raising trip in Tennessee. Pray that they would have faith and hope in God - the creator and sustainer of all creation, who provides all things.
  • Pray for the Lord to provide gospel-centered, kingdom-visioned churches to support the ministry.
  • Pray for the Lord to continue bringing prayer warriors for this urban church planting kingdom building ministry.
  • Pray for the attainment of their financial goal so that Logan may enter into active ministry.

  • FOR A WOMAN WHO HAS BEEN INTERMITTENTLY OVER A YEAR - for the Father to draw her closer to himself and reveal himself and the truth of the gospel to her. She is considering joining the church. Pray for wisdom for Pastor Dan as he meets with her to discuss her faith in Jesus, commitment to Him and the necessity of initial and ongoing repentance for sins that separate her from God so that she may enter the kingdom. Like many, she struggles and needs Jesus to shine light in this dark place by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray she will see that the church is made up of people just like her - fallen, sinful and broken people who the Lord Jesus, out of his love, mercy, and grace, shed his blood on the cross as he took on the wrath of God for our sins, and offers to us his righteousness so that we may be reconciled to God by receiving him as our savior and king.

July 3, 2008

  • Praise God! Pastor Dan and his family made it to Dorchester! Praise God for a wonderful ordination service. God brought together people of many different ethnicities and nationalities to celebrate His faithfulness in providing our church with a pastor.
  • Please be in prayer for our 4th of July BBQ. Many of our unchurched neighbors will be there. Pray that God would bless our conversations so that we might offer them the hope of the gospel.
  • Please pray for Clarence, a 70 year old recovering drug addict that Pastor Dan met in the neighborhood park, and had a great conversation about the gospel. Pray that Pastor Dan would see him again, or that he would come visit our church.
  • Please pray for Anne, a woman in our church. Anne has struggled with health issues and has been unemployed as a result. Pray that God would grant her complete healing, and that God would give her a job.
  • Please pray for Alexus and her 8 year old son Ameen. Alexus is a single mom who many in our church have befriended. Pray that God would give her a job, and that our church would be able to come alongside of her and Ameen.
  • Please continue to pray for the reduction of crime in our neighborhood.
  • Pray that God would provide good paying jobs for the people in our neighborhood.
  • Pray that Christ the King, Dorchester would be committed to love our neighbors, and live sacrificial lives for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

  • Pastor Dan and his family's move date is June 16! In order for them to report on the field in Dorchester, they still must raise $22,000 for their moving expenses and initial start up expenses. Please pray that God will provide this, so they can get to work in Boston.
  • Pastor Dan’s ordination service is scheduled for June 29 in Dorchester. This will be a very exciting time for not only the Rogers' family, but also for the Dorchester people who have worked so hard to get a pastor to plant the church. Pray that God would glorify Himself during this special worship service. Many people in the community are being invited to come celebrate this wonderful occasion. Pray that the gospel would go forth, and that Jesus would be the center of attention.
  • Please be in prayer for the Rogers family during this time of transition. Pray God would grant them safe travels. Pray their house (which is being worked on) will be ready when they arrive in Dorchester on June 23. Pray God would provide them with good friends. Pray God would allow them an easy and smooth transition into "Dot Life."
  • Please be in prayer for our church's pastoral intern Logan Keck and his wife Melissa. Logan is currently in the process of raising financial support for his ministry in our church. Pray that God would provide for their financial needs, and that he would reach his support raising goal quickly.
  • Pray that Christ the King Dorchester would be a church that loves her neighborhood and city well.
  • Pray for a reduction in the crime in Dorchester.
  • Pray that the youth of Dorchester would find non-violent ways to resolve problems.
  • Pray that God would provide healthy alternatives to gangs for our youth.
  • Pray that people in Dorchester would know their neighbors and love and appreciate them.
  • Pray that we would be a neighborly community.